West Chester Railroad Heritage Association

The WCRHA is an all-volunteer, not for profit corporation which is totally dependent upon the volunteer spirit of its members to conduct operations of the West Chester Railroad.

Statement of Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the West Chester Railroad Heritage Association is to collect, preserve, and exhibit railroad equipment and artifacts relating to railroading with emphasis on the southeastern Pennsylvania region; to operate a demonstration railroad for the education and enjoyment of the public.

In order to accomplish this mission, the following goals have been established:

1. The WCRHA shall acquire equipment, documents, and artifacts relating to railroading.

2. The WHRHA shall work to preserve and restore equipment, documents, and artifacts so as to present to the public an accurate picture of railroad history.

3. The WCRHA shall interpret the equipment and artifacts for the public. Publications will be available to the membership and public.

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Volunteering and WCRHA Membership

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